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Fear Vs. Faith

The movie 17 Miracles is a dramatized depiction of the tragic Willie and Martin handcart treks. There is a historic marker in Wyoming that summarizes the experience of these companies: “Captain James G. Willie’s Handcart Company of Mormon emigrants on their way to Utah, greatly exhausted by the deep snows of an early winter and […]

Handcart Myth and Fact

For some must push and some must pull As we go marching up the hill; So merrily on our way we go Until we reach the Valley-o. We talk much of the sacrifices of the handcart pioneers, focusing particularly on the faithfulness in times of tragedy that the Willie and Martin handcart companies experienced. Our […]

Mormonism and America: Part 2

Last week, I discussed how Mormonism has welded the US founding myth into its own. This week, I’m going to discuss the relationship between Mormonism and America. For all of our support and patriotism, as well as welding the United States to our own history and future, the relationship between the Church and the nation […]

Mormonism and America Part 1

Last week I discussed the idea of a founding myth. Nations and countries often have their own, but cultures and subgroups do as well. Mormonism can be considered its own, distinct subculture with its own folklore and founding myth. As on historian noted: “Utah Mormons, by way of a distinctive system of religious beliefs and […]