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The Angel Moroni Statues

The Angel Moroni With the dedication of the Brigham City Temple this weekend, Cyrus E. Dallin’s recent 150th birthday, and the anniversary of the Angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith being today as well, I thought I would talk about the Angel Moroni statues that appear on the temples. I will discuss the history of […]

Teachings of the Presidents of the Church

During the year 1998, the Church changed the curriculum for the Melchizedek Priesthood and Relief Society meetings. The idea was to help members “not only to increase their knowledge but also to bring them greater growth in gospel study, spirituality, service, and leadership.” ( As a part of this initiative, the Teachings of the Presidents […]

The Training of a Prophet Part 2: Joseph Smith

How did Joseph Smith learn to be a prophet? Last week I spoke of prophetic apprenticeships in the scriptures and how Joseph trained the apostles and prophets of this dispensation—training that has been passed on to the current apostles and prophets. The question arises, however: where did he get his training from? David O. McKay […]